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School Visits

My books are suitable for children under eleven, so many of my visits are to lower schools. However I have done residencies in schools with older children and am quite happy to discuss writing skills with older pupils.

I can structure sessions to fit in with teachers wishes, whether it be a workshop, writing exercises or a general talk about my work and the writing life with a view to inspiring pupils to write. Below are some of the topics I cover:

The Pleasures and Skills in Writing Stories

Why I like writing, and why children might enjoy this too. I explain how I got the ideas for some of the books I bring with me, and say how I developed these ideas into stories. Often I bring photographs and other relevant material which might have triggered ideas and be of interest to the children. For older children my talks can discuss the deeper aspects of characterisation, setting, dialogue, suspense, pace and so on.

A Writer’s Life

An insight into an author's writing life, leading to questions and discussions about books, writing and publishing. How I draft a story, and the enjoyment that follows in enlarging and perfecting it. I usually read from my books, either to illustrate a point or for the pleasure of sharing stories or ideas.

How a Book is Made

I find children are often interested in how a book is made. What happens after I've finished writing the story? How and why does a publisher choose to publish it, and what happens next?

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